Short Stories about the Spanish Lifestyle

How to recognize good authentic restaurants

Done with all the fancy spots in and around Sitges? Explore some basic authentic Spanish eateries. How can you recognize these? 1.Bad lighting Maybe to be able to see the food better? We don’t know. But it’s true. A good restaurant with traditional plates, is rarely the place with romantic candles and yellow lights. 2.Continue reading “How to recognize good authentic restaurants”


Why this blog?

Hola! We are Jan and Tessa. Two dutchies, born and raised in Amsterdam. February 2018 we moved to Spain (near Barcelona). We generally feel way calmer and happier compare to how we felt in the Netherlands. Every day we are more excited about the Spanish lifestyle and all the things we are able to explore here.

Why the Spaniards get so old

By absorbing sunlight you create hormones that make you feel happier and less stressed. As a result, your blood pressure drops and you start to feel better. More than 300 days per year the sun shines in the area of Barcelona. A very important element of the happiness and health of Spanish citizens. My vitaminContinue reading “Why the Spaniards get so old”