How to recognize good authentic restaurants

Done with all the fancy spots in and around Sitges? Explore some basic authentic Spanish eateries. How can you recognize these?

1.Bad lighting

Maybe to be able to see the food better? We don’t know. But it’s true. A good restaurant with traditional plates, is rarely the place with romantic candles and yellow lights.

2. Watch it!

Music videos and football games in the background? Always. Sometimes without sound, but always in the corner of your eye. Difficult to not watch it and focus on the conversation you have with the people you have dinner with.

3. Old guys

Local guest! A restaurant isn’t traditional without them. Laughing, watching football, drinking beer, have some breakfast with beer and red wine, hanging on the bar… It immediately gives you the relaxed holiday vibes you are looking for.

4. Sunwashed pictures on the menu

As mentioned earlier, the sun shines a lot in Spain. Somehow, it isn’t a priority for the Spanish restaurants to remake the menu (card or posters above the bar) every couple of years.

5. Big metal cooking plate (plancha)

For several typical Spanish dishes, you need this plate. An extremely hot plate to make Spanish tortillas, white fishes, gamba’s, Sandwich Porc (bocadillo de Lomo) or. hamburgers.

6. Some croissants and tapas on the bar

Typically Spanish to create an environment where you can just walk in and out; a casual visit. There are always a few snacks on the bar which you can eat right away.

7. “Camarero” as a profession

No students who are serving you. Maybe one or two, but they are most of the times a family member of the owner. Being a ober or bartender is a profession. A job which you have to take seriously. For that reason, most of the “camarero’s” are older and more experienced.

Not every good and authentic restaurant will meet all of these characteristics. But maybe it will help you to find the right one. Read this blog for some recommendations in and around Sitges. ¡Buen provecho!

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