Why the Spaniards get so old

By absorbing sunlight you create hormones that make you feel happier and less stressed. As a result, your blood pressure drops and you start to feel better. More than 300 days per year the sun shines in the area of Barcelona. A very important element of the happiness and health of Spanish citizens. My vitamin D tablets, which I always took in Amsterdam, are no longer needed. Should a person live in a place where they need five layers of clothing? It’s easy to enjoy life when you are not constantly cold and have to shelter from the rain. Taking a dip in the sea in November and walking home with bare feet really feels healthier.

The culture and customs seem to make the Spaniards healthier and older. The Lancet Medical Journal states that Spain is the healthiest country to live in Europe, beating many other countries in the world. Lancet also reports that by 2040, the Spaniards will be the longest living people on the planet with an average age of 85.5 years.
This should, as described in El pais, have to do with the many walks that Spaniards do (El Paseo), the Mediterranean diet, the siesta, long lunch break on a working day, use of positive words, tapas with colleagues and friends and more and better sex (which also has to do with lifestyle).

Those oldies, who get so old, are fully absorbed into society. The oldies therefore remain active and participate in everything. The weather also plays a role in this. The heat allows the elderly to be outside and chat everyday on the street or in the sea. Often times we are spotting older people standing in a circle with their feet in the water, talking about life. We call it “Spanish sunbathing”. That’s how you prefer to see your parents grow old, rigth? Having a cup of coffee on the beach, doing laps, having lunch with a pan of paella in the middle and talking for hours? Dance and chat in the square in the evening? That’s why many people choose to retire in Spain, for example in Costa Blanca, Costa de Sol and Costa Brava.

We are not the only ones who feel the peace and health in Spain. So probably in 2040 the Spaniards will be the longest living people on earth. And since the elderly actively participate in society, we are a lot of times among people of different ages. In our opinion an important ingredient for more peace and inspiration. But if Spain is that healthy and fun, why wait to enjoy this during retirement? Schedule a weekend, pack your bags and enjoy this paradise!